Nike Internationalist with its classic retro styling design, quite popular with shoe fans, is still a lot of Sneaker travel with the choice of the first. Recently, Nike once again this was born in 1982 in New York Manhattan classic, with new clothes, shoes by suede, nets and anti cracking classic combination of nylon three material composition, and select the grey blue as the main colors of the shoe body, followed by Logo and Swoosh flanking the black trim, with white in the final the bottom and the waffle outsole is black. Nike-Internationalist-Blue-Graphite-11.jpg (46.72 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Internationalist Blue GraphiteUpload 09:45 2015-3-14 Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove has sold a lot of color, if the official release version can not meet your love for this classic shoes, then we show you the custom made by fbccnyc Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove will surprise you. This festival is inspired by the carnival, and the shoes are made of purple and green snake scales. They are decorated with black medium sole, yellow embroidery, GP20, Mardi, Gras and so on. They make shoes very distinctive. 139555NBD420-1aY.jpg (260.77 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-3-23 15:17 upload Payton, glove 00 recently is actively preparing for the playoffs in the Russell Westbrook team to participate in training at the foot on the new color of cheap foamposites the Air Jordan XXX PE Taylor, this version of the Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith was designed, using the upper orange and black draw cosmic cloud pattern, supplemented by the blue Russell Westbrook Logo with the tongue. air-jordan-xxx-okc-cosmos-russell-westbro〉Russell Westbrook's China trip has come to Hongkong, and the Jordan brand has designed a Air Jordan XXXI for this purpose. This shoe is made of pure black throughout, the tongue in his personal Logo embellishment, finally followed by green design decoration design appears gradual, green tail is really popular. air-jordan-xxx1-black-green-russell-westbrook-pe-2.jpg (440.58 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Air, Jordan, XXXI, Black, PEUpload 08:59 2016-9-3 air-jordan-xxx1-black-green-russell-westbrook-pe-1.jpg (177.88 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Air, Jordan, XXXI, Black, PEUpload 08:59 2016-9-3 RBB_8639.jpg (377.56 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Air, Jordan, XXXI, Black, PE 2016-9-3 upload at 10:17 RBB_8647.jpg (369.61 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Air, Jordan, XXXI, Black, PE 2016-9-3 upload at 10:17 RBB_8714.jpg (347.91 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Air, Jordan, XXXI, Black, PE 2016-9-3 10:17 upload , Air, Jordan, XXXI, aj31, theme generated by Tony in 2016-9-3 08:59 article 7 from 22, Cristiano, ·, Ronaldo will join f Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping orces to open Nike personal first trip to china. As a representative of the outstanding athletes in the sports world, C Luo has visited China several times with the club. This time, China will visit C and Beijing, two cities, and football lovers in China, Shanghai& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Beijing on November 6, 2008, the adidas Group third-quarter earnings this year, the report summarized as follows (the full report, see Group website & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - adidas Group's third-quarter sales rose 11 percent (constant currency basis) third quarter of 2008, according to the exchange rate constant calculations, adidas Group revenues grew 11 percent, the most powerful impetus from Adidas adidas Golf products and ????????? two divisions, its sales revenue are two Growth numbers: Adidas brand revenues grew 15%, while ????????? adidas Golf revenues increased 12%. Reebok sector revenue declined 1%. Fluctuations in currency exchange rates, the Group's sales in euros have a negative impact. 2008 third quarter Group revenues 3.083 billion euros, an increase of 5% compared to 2007 of 2.941 billion euros. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - third-quarter earnings per share growth of 6% & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In the third quarter, due to the improvement of regional institutions, advantageous effects of changes in exchange rates and further expansion of its own retail outlets, gross profit ma Retro jordans for sale rgin reached 49.0%, improving by 0.4 compared to 2007 percentage points, enough to offset the increase in procurement costs. Group gross profit reached 1.511 billion euros, an increase of 6 percent compared with 2007. Group operating profit reached 473 million euros, a slight increase over 2007's 471 million euros. Basic earnings per share in the third quarter reached 1.54 euros, an increase of 6%. - adidas Group nine months of 2008 sales increased 11 percent (constant currency basis) 2008 first nine months, according to the exchange rate constant calculations, adidas Group revenues grew 11 percent, the most powerful impetus from Adidas adidas Golf products and ????????? two divisions, its sales revenue are two digit growth: adidas brand revenues grew 16%, ????????? adidas Golf revenues increased by 11%. Reebok sector revenue declined 2%. Fluctuations in currency exchange rates, the Group's sales in euros have a negative impact. Nine months of 2008, the Group's revenue was 8.225 billion euros, an increase of 4% compared to 2007 of 7.879 billion euros. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "We again achieved excellent financial results." Herbert Hainer, Adidas Group Chairman and CEO, commented, "Despite the global retail market and consumers in this period. Expenditure is suffering increasing pressure, but Adidas adidas Golf products and ????????? two distinct sectors continued their stro cheap jordan shoes for men ng growth momentum. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - sales in almost all regions of strong growth & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2008 first nine months, in addition to the decline in revenue outside North America, adidas Group sales in all regions have achieved double-digit growth. Calculated according to the exchange rate unchanged, in Europe, due to strong sales growth in most countries, the Group grew 13% of sales in Europe; in North America, because the United States has decreased sales, the Group's revenue in North America fell by 7 %; driven by strong sales growth in China, the Group's sales revenue in Asia grew by 23%; in Latin America, sales grew by 39%, all major markets in the region have double-digit growth. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; fluctuations in currency exchange rates, the Group's sales in euros have a negative impact. Sales in Europe reached in 2008 the 3.776 billion euros, an increase of 9%; sales revenue in North America in 2008 was 1.871 billion euros, down 17%; revenue in Asia reached 1.875 billion euros in 2008, an increase of 16 percent; Latin America sales revenue reached 647 million euros in 2008, an increase of 34%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - a record gross profit margin & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2008 first nine months, driven by Adidas adidas Golf products and ????????? growth performance of the two sectors, the adidas Group gross profit margin reached 49.4% cheap jordans for sale mens , an increase of 1.7 compared to 2007 percentage points. The record results achieved the main reason is due to the favorable impact of improving regional and product mix, increased own-retail outlets businesses and exchange rate movements. Reebok and ?????? cost synergies arising from the Group also continued to generate significant positive impact. The first nine months of 2008, due to strong earnings growth and increase the Group's gross profit margin of the adidas Group gross profit reached 4.062 billion euros, an increase of 8%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - Adidas Group 2008 and 2009 outlook & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; adidas AG adidas Group today confirmed the previously announced 2008 financial guidance forecasts. Calculated according to the exchange rate remains unchanged, the adidas Group 2008 sales revenue is expected to achieve high single-digit growth. Among them, the Adidas brand sales are expected to receive a lower double-digit growth; guidance forecasts ????????? Reebok and adidas Golf products sector has been adjusted: Reebok products are expected to be unchanged from the previous year; ????????? adidas Golf Product is expected to grow high single-digit growth. Group gross profit margin is expected to exceed 48.0%; Group operating margin is expected to be close to 10.0%; net income attributable to shareholders is expected to grow by at least 15% in 2007 on the basis Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping of 551 million euros - the Group's net income will It reached the eighth consecutive year of double-digit growth. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Based on current orders and feedback management plan from retailers in 2009 to further promote sales and net income growth. However, because of the potential impact of the uncertain global macroeconomic environment and its impact on the Group's financial performance, management now expects the Group no clear business development in the coming year. Therefore, the adidas Group has decided to withdraw its 2009 financial guidance forecasts, and plans to publish the 2008 annual results report in March next year, and then to provide the Group's 2009 outlook. . & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Herbert Hainer, Chairman and CEO of the adidas Group said: "We have reached all financial targets in 2008 prospects are very optimistic, but the current world economic situation means to address the challenges. We want to do everything we can. We certainly do not sit this developments, and then respond. We will actively explore various measures to ensure that we can get healthy again in 2009 revenue and profit growth. To this end we We will strictly control costs, while continuing to invest in our core business. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - Focus on China Market & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2008 first nine months, revenue Adidas brand sales rose in China increased Cheap air jordans for sale more than 50 percent; in this drive strong growth, the adidas Group sales in Asia grew by 23% ( exchange rate constant calculations). & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;. In a conference call held today, the CEO of the adidas Group CEO Herbert Hainer particular, Adidas success with the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games platform in the Chinese market has made outstanding results. He said: "Many in the industry have claimed that they won in the Olympic platform, in my opinion, a way to test is very simple: after the Olympics before, during and, in the minds of Chinese consumers, which a sports brand best known market research report clearly shows that the Adidas brand we been able to achieve first is a reason in the Chinese market:?. Adidas know what consumers want, and we can meet their needs took us. Before the Olympic Games held in Beijing adidas Brand newly established center, for example - now average traffic per month more than 200,000 people all of which contributed to our performance, Adidas in the first nine months sales revenue in China. an increase of over 50%. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Herbert Hainer reiterated Adidas Group China as a lasting commitment to major manufacturing base:. "China will continue to be the adidas Group's most important purchasing countries, we will continue to The market for investment. "in a sense, if Sportswear Nike did not launch the city, do not note se cheap jordans online ries shoes, always feel this summer, a little less. This year's city will not be Air Max Nike 90 as the prototype, the improved design of the upper more lightweight breathable. Overwhelmed by the exposure of the Milan color gradient orange to build bottom-up, but there is no other shoe section information or specific information for sale. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: sneakernewsevery year can not miss NIKE AIR MAX DAY shoes event is coming, the world is like a raging fire in the city, and the NIKE in the streets of Taipei launched a big move, set up the TPE ON AIR STUDIO, is located in Taipei East Lane, in order to put the NIKE since the birth of AIR after thirty years of transition and evolution through the spirit, and music links allow more young people with the AIR MAX STUDIO will connect, "music" and "innovation" two elements, through an interactive device so that every person can enter the STUDIO, "KISS MY AIRS", the actual experience of the revolutionary attitude. , TPE, ON, AIR, STUDIOAir Maxtape STUDIO Air Max respectively in Music and Customization reg Retro jordans for sale ions, and from the classic vinyl record stores and music elements, TPE ON AIR STUDIO DJ will be opened during the music demonstration and limited edition custom services such as canvas bag. In addition, the east side street lane, there are more than a number of graffiti artists hidden work, which you go to the TPE ON AIR STUDIO on the road, pay more attention to the surrounding walls, there will be unexpected discovery oh. hides the works of artists in lane, the NIKE AIR Pop-up shop in other cities of the world in addition to Taipei, other city also launched the NIKE AIR Pop-up Limited is located in the store, like Dubai Concepts, LA UNDEFEATED, Amsterdam Patta and UK Sneakersnstuff, are gradually launch a series of NIKE AIR MAX series of shoes to re create a unique space, at the same time more than NIKE create a AIR Toronto MAX BUS, in March during the tour Toronto in the shoe store, it is not difficult to see that in the next world city will be a wave of "KISS MY AIRS" boom. Dubai Concepts for AIR MAX build space pic via nicekicks UNDEFEATED LA store presents NIKE AIR display pic via nicekicks Amsterdam Patta also create unique display device for NIKEThe pic via realclobber is located on the Sneakersnstuff wall in the UK, painted on Air Max 1 'atmos' after NIKE KD 8 EXT "Vachetta Tan", emphasizing the leisure life of series EXT series has launched a new "Floral" series, cheap jordans for sale the color is different from the actual combat oriented to shoes with leather material for vamp. if the shoe makers prospecting attention, in fact, will find KD 8 using the flower adornment vamp had "Aunt Pearl" or the lunar new year appeared in 'Perseverance', and earlier in the KD 6 also had a version of EXT. use flowers combined to create in the shoes of beauty instead of the upper design of the functional orientation, the original collocation of the air cushion, people outside the stadium, the shoes in the life more collocation possibility abroad will be listed in May 7th, $200. source: complexadidas Originals Superstar 45th Anniversary belongs to D Rose 5, Boost 'Superstar' is the most surprising. Shell Rose 5 head and D Boost fusion violation and no past, such as the T-Mac 1 have to do this shape transformation, see now do not have a feeling. The original motion wind heavy D Rose 5 Boost has become a fashionable shoes in the application of materials under the skin. It was expected that Derrick Rose would be wearing it after the all star game, but now it's not going to be a chance, but I still can't deny the strength of Rose Derrick, Rose, Isn, t, an, All-Star, But, He, Is, a, Superstar., D Rose 5 Boost 'Superstar' is expected to be listed on us time 2/12. source: Sole CollectorNike Air Pegasus is Nike's very Changqing shoes one of a series of excellent performance and meet the needs of users is the reason for many runners loyal, in the last year exceeded 30 years old, has launched the Nike Air Pegasus 83/30, with Air Pegasus 83 Phylon appearance and suspension technology, retro and comfortable. And in the recent size? Cooperation, jointly launched a joint style, with simple colour collocation, make whole color quite soft, and the Nike logo to snake dotted details currently available on the size website to buy?. The launch of adidas for its players in this year to hold six championship rings, still topped the history of the NBA total score ranked first Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for inspiration and interpretation of the "BHM" black history special shoes. And just got his first pair of signature shoes Damian Lillard is also the project one shoe body using the same significantly restrained gold tone, and in the bottom of the tongue and in print fonts, but also to pay tribute to the great human rights activist Martin Ruud King dr.. adidas D Lillard 1 "Black History Month" version has been purchased by Adidas, interested candidates can go to buy. source: UNITED from Japan ARROWS and ASICS jointly launched this year's first joint work, choose GEL Lyte V shoes with high popularity as the protagonist in material production cooperation, Mibai in navy blue suede boots collocation to create a comfortable atmosphere, socks design intimate wear is for convenience and comfort. This section of Taiwan has to UNITED ARROWS on sale, priced at 5500 yuan. source: UNITED, ARROWS, TAIWAN Reebok Question Mid over whether to celebrate the anniversary of the brand or joint, let us see how creative designers, Allen Iverson features extraction on the development of footwear, the works of every hue. This time brought by Losangeles designer Melody Ehsani's new Iverson will be behind the most important and support the daughter of Tiaura, Messiah, Dream and mother Tawanna for inspiration, to create a very unique Question Mid girl version. for designer Ehsani, Iverson is a cultural leader and a key player to change the game, so she wants to keep these elements in the shoes. As for the features, the shoes are matched with three different shades of leather, and the size of each part is accurately controlled to ensure the tonal integrity of the bottom. In addition also contains many Iverson personal characteristics, like the tongue 'Hold My Own' from the tattoo; followed by the design of a Velcro style, can let you free collocation of three kinds of leather provides patch for replacement, the design inspiration from the same tattoo; shoes lining is braided head pattern his classic and Pulis printing, on behalf of his past often use different color collocation scarf ornament; finally the toe contrast, outsole keeps the original ice bottom configuration, with two laces. Reebok Question Mid x Melody Ehsani has been launched at American time 12/2 and offers only female sizes, priced at $$160 and sold at Melody, Ehsani, Losangeles stores, as well as MelodyEhsani and Reebok. source: insidethesneakerbox / MelodyEhsaniEternal classic tricolor trends and trends are changing rapidly. Only classic styles are never out of fashion! New Balance 574 series of classic colors of shoes, the basic color collocation suede design and delicate style, after years of baptism is still charming Vintage fashion flavor can be engraved, uniforms, school campus collocation can be integrated into a variety of wind style, more fashionable dress, classic shoes suitable for all sizes, arbitrary changes of fashionable dress, simple collocation a pair of jeans also attract attention of all the streets. New Balance 574 Vintage series of basic red and blue gray, is fashion lovers heart never fever million years all-match, white N-logo, white shoe crochet and dark upper layers of the stack, embraced each other in sharp contrast, with a visual focus of shining. Also the use of 574 commonly used material collocation net cloth and suede, faithful to the original texture of the love of men and women, will definitely as the season a preferred! New Balance 574 retro series shoes, men and women of three colors, it is recommended to sell NT$2850.