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Today, small make up to say that we usually clean the bike to avoid four errors, as well as the correct cleaning of the three small recommendations. [ready to start] do not skip the first cleaning link. Otherwise you'll be in the car to residual those small pieces of worry about the deal, then scratch your clean and smooth frame. Before you use a sponge cleanin Retro jordans for sale g, first the water pipe of the water the flowers in the garden to adjust to the smaller water file, and then evenly sprayed on your bike. high voltage electrical hazards, the car wash when the high-pressure water flow is also dangerous. Attention to the water when the water pressure, because the pressure is too large, the water will enter the frame of the bearing. In the relatively confined bearing water is difficult to volatile, riding in the process of these water will come into contact with the bearing of the metal surface, resulting in irreversible corrosion. [transmission system is the key] cleaning transmission system with special tool for a set of clean chain will make this process is both efficient and easy, for example such as park tool chain cleaner. Or take a pot of hot soapy water, plus a brush, in accordance with the direction from the top down, from the past to the direction of cleaning. If equipped with disc brakes, and finally with plastic bags or other items of the dish package in order to avoid cleaning chain or flywheel process oil splashed on the disc. [lubrication ending] the last step, of course, is to re lubricate the chain. If you omit this step, your chain will soon rust. But if you use too much, the amount is not good, the chain will be like a magnet for the adsorption of too many stains. So when the chain oil must grasp the degree, and then use a clean cloth wipe off the excess oil chain. wash, clean, and then rinse. Then dry with a clean cloth, the last oil, so simple.